5 Things You Need to Survive in a Bunker [The Sieger Chronicles Guide]

Suddenly, the world goes dark. The government has fallen and society is in ruins. You must take shelter in an abandoned underground bunker in order to survive. What do you take with you?

We thought it would be fun to imagine what it would be like to actually live in a post-apocalyptic world, similar to the hero of The Sieger Chronicles, Ben True Sieger.

Here’s what we would bring with us into our survival bunker. Would you bring these items, too?

5 Things You Need for Bunker Survival

1. Lights

If the world has ended, we’re not counting on a lot of electricity. These solar powered lights are perfect for leaving outside the bunker during the day, and then hauling in at night so you can read, play cards, or prepare food.

2. Cozy blankets

If you’re in a desert bunker, like Ben Sieger and his family, it can get surprisingly cold at night. We’re taking with us this Woolly Mammoth Camping Blanket – it’s easy to pack up in a hurry, but thick enough to keep us warm in the dark, damp bunker.

3. Good books to read

Let’s face it, living in a bunker could become a little dull. If you don’t want to waste precious power on watching TV, then you need a good collection of books to get you through! We’ll be taking The Sieger Chronicles saga with us. Adventure, friendship, family, and a post-apocalyptic world we could relate to? Seems like the perfect bunker survival addition.

4. Freeze-dried ice cream

Just because it’s the apocalypse doesn’t mean we have to live without sweet treats! These freeze-dried packs of ice cream are just what you need to get through the bunker blues. Just add water and eat! They taste like Oreos and they have a 2 year shelf life. Hey, it’s the end of the world! We can’t be too picky.

5. Maps

This dry erase map of the United States is just what we need for planning our next moves. If food runs low, we can’t stay in the bunker forever. We’ll need this for planning our post-apocalypse survival strategy.

Hopefully we never have to live in a post-apocalyptic world.

But if we do, we know the five things we’re bringing with us!

What would you bring? Share with us on social media!

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