5 Activities to Survive the Dog Days of Summer

Let’s face it – when you and your kids reach the “dog days of summer”, i.e. late July and August, it can be tough to come up with ways to entertain them. School isn’t back in session yet, but the kids are getting antsy and bored. So, how do you keep them happy and busy during these last few weeks of summer break?

Here are five end-of-summer activities your family will go crazy for.

5 Fresh Ideas for Surviving the Dog Days of Summer

Break out the sidewalk chalk.

This one is a classic for a reason! Encourage your kids creativity and get them out of the house, all in one fell swoop. It’s a mess-free way for your kids to show their artistic side and make sweet childhood memories. Just pick up a variety pack of chalk here and have your kids go to town on your driveway.

Make homemade ice cream.

There’s nothing like a cold, sweet treat to cool you off during the dog days of summer. Instead of picking some up at the local shop, turn it into a summer activity your kids will love and make it at home. Typically you just need a few ingredients, a container to put it in, and a blender. Your family can make the flavors they choose and look forward to tasting their own creation in just a few hours.

Better yet, if you have kids who are lactose intolerant, or you’re just looking for healthier options, here are three ways to make dairy-free homemade ice cream. These recipes contain about three ingredients each and are a healthier way to satisfy your family’s ice cream craving.

Join a summer reading program at your local library.

Even at the end of summer, it’s not too late to join a summer reading program at your local library. Many programs run from June through August, so you still have some time. A summer reading program is a great way to introduce reading for pleasure to your kids and instill a sense of accomplishment every time they finish a book. Plus, they often have the opportunity to win prizes depending on the program.

If you live in Arizona, check out this program that covers kids ages preschool through high school.

Visit a community pool.

At the end of summer break, it can often feel too hot to move, much less do anything. If you and your kids are battling sweltering heat, there’s no better time to check out a community pool. Even if you have your own backyard pool, checking out a local pool is a great way to break things up with a change of scenery. Plus, your kids will have the opportunity to make new friends, ride water slides, and play in cooler water (bigger pool equals cooler water for longer!)

Camping in your backyard.

Getting out to the mountains for “real” camping can be a lot of work. Make it easy on yourself and your family by having a campout right in your own backyard! All you need to do is set up a tent, roll out the sleeping bags, invite a few friends, and provide classic snacks (s’mores in the microwave, anyone?) Throw in a flashlight, plus Scary Stories to Tell in the Dark, and your family is set!

Use these ideas to spice up the dog days of summer and keep your family entertained.

The last few weeks before school don’t have to be a bore. Make the most of summer break and try any of these five activities. They’re sure to be fun for the whole family!

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