The 7 Best Board Games You Should Play Tonight [Family Fun Night Ideas]

Looking for new activities to bring the family together every Sunday night can be challenging. It’s tough if your family is a mix of ages and interests. Maybe you’re tapped out of ideas, or you’re just having trouble getting your kids to agree on something.

If you find yourselves arguing over what movie to watch, or feeling like everyone is busy “doing their own thing”, why not introduce a family game night? Games are universally entertaining, they stimulate the mind, and they’re the perfect activity to bond over.

Don’t stress about what to do during your next family fun night. Choose one of our picks of the x best board games and let the fun begin!

The 7 Best Board Games for a Perfect Sunday Family Night

1. Cranium

This game does get you to use your “cranium”, as it forces you, your husband, and the kids to use your imagination to the fullest. This game requires you to act out, draw, or even sculpt different things in the wildest game of charades anyone’s ever played. Sounds so fun, right?

2. Jenga

Who knew building with wooden blocks could be this tense? If you’re not familiar with the concept, you and your family work to build a tower on top of an existing tower, using long blocks to do so. Over time, this becomes more and more difficult as the tower starts to “teeter totter”.

The goal is to build your tower as high as possible before it all comes crumbling down! The anticipation and the tension becomes unbearable, in the best way.

3. Bears vs. Babies

Don’t worry, despite the troublesome title, this game is definitely family-friendly. And it’s hilarious! From the creators of Exploding Kittens comes a game where you create all manner of hilarious monsters.

Create creatures like a grizzly bear that’s also made of sushi, or a beard-baby that’s armed with a robo-hammer. Every game only takes 20 minutes to play, and you and your family will be crying tears of laughter by the end. Best of all, it comes in the softest, furriest game box ever.

4. Trivial Pursuit

Now we know you’ve heard of this one. This long-running quiz game is super popular for a reason! You and your family can test your knowledge of trivia in the categories of geography, entertainment, arts and literature, science, as well as sports and leisure. Plus, this game never gets old, as some editions contain as many as 3,000 questions!

5. Clue

Clue, the original family-friendly murder mystery, is still going strong even in 2019. Find out who killed Mr. Boddy with a candlestick by exploring a spooky mansion for clues along with fellow murder suspects. Introduce your kids to timeless characters like Colonel Mustard and Mrs. Peacock.

And, just maybe, during the next family fun night, all of you can watch the original Clue movie, too! The fun never has to end.

6. Operation

Perhaps this game will send you straight back to childhood the minute you feel the familiar buzz when you accidentally touch the inside of Cavity Sam’s sensitive body areas.

Using a measly pair of tweezers, players must remove everything from Cavity Sam, from a bread basket to a butterfly, while avoiding that (painless) shock that comes anytime you hit a sensitive spot.

It’s exciting, it’s nerve-wracking, and it’s fun for the whole family. What’s not to love? And who knows? You could accidentally inspire one of your kids to become a surgeon one day!

7. Ticket to Ride

Now here’s a game that combines strategy, intelligence, and calculated risk. During Tick to Ride, you and fellow train barons must race from one edge of the US to another using existing rail lines. Figure out the quickest route to winning while testing your luck. Each game takes 30 minutes to an hour, depending on how bold the players are!

Planning family fun night just got a little bit easier with these ideas for board games.

Choose from this list, or bring back one of your old favorites (Candyland, anyone?) With competitive spirit, laughter, strategy, and challenges, playing board games is sure to become a hit. You might even find that “family game night” becomes the usual requested activity on Sunday nights.

Do you have any favorites we didn’t list here? Share with us on Facebook!

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