Meet the Creator of this Great Book Series for Teens & Young Adults

great book series for teens

Cory Ellsworth

Cory Ellsworth, an Arizona dairy boy at heart, has lived in five countries and visited forty more. He enjoyed a thirty-year career in the high-tech industry, driving global projects for AT&T and Cisco Systems.

Left-handed and left-brained, Cory finally got in touch with his right brain later in life. Since then he has written and produced two stage Musicals and has published six books with three more currently in progress.

Cory and his wife, Amy, have lost sons to accident and disease. Coping with loss and helping others do the same is a theme and passion in Cory’s life. He just sold his beloved milk cow after having fulfilled the desire to get back in touch with his rural roots.

He is currently a husband, dad and grandpa; a biographer and writer, and an avid hiker.

The Sieger Chronicles Inspiration

Cory was inspired to write The Sieger Chronicles, a great book series for teens, as he pondered what the world and the country might look like on his 100th birthday in 2060 (although he is not under the delusion that he will live that long). While some sweet and positive scenarios played out in his mind, other darker possibilities appeared as well. He latched on to one difficult scenario and decided to describe it in detail. But, The Sieger Chronicles is not so much about what goes wrong in the future but rather about the courage it takes to fix it.

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