5 Best Places to Read and Study for Final Exams

For many students, April really only means one thing: final exams are coming.

If your teen is stressing out at the thought of end-of-year tests, you can give them a boost by helping them find the best places to read and study.

In fact, studies have shown that changing up your space can improve brain recall compared to holing up in the same spot every time.

You might not be able to remember some of the math your teen is learning, but you can still help them prepare by giving them several study space options!

Here are some of the five best places to read and study to better prepare for those last big tests.

5 Best Places to Read and Study for Finals

Public library

Public libraries are perfect for reading and studying particularly difficult subjects that require a lot of focus. The quiet, serious atmosphere can help teens get in the zone and buckle down – especially on a subject that they struggle with. In addition, they’ll have access to free WiFi and actual books if they need to do any last minute research.

Coffee shop

Background noise can actually be a way to fight off distraction, especially for teens that find it difficult to focus in complete silence. The constant low noise in a coffee shop (the whir of the machines, quiet conversation, people coming and going) becomes similar to white noise – it soothes and provides a great canvas for focused reading and learning.

Empty classroom

For some teens, studying and reading in a similar environment to where they’ll be taking their final test is a good way to assuage any serious feelings of anxiety. The familiarity of the classroom setting – the desk, the chairs, the atmosphere – can all help on test day. If your teen has spent time studying in that environment, it will feel completely natural to then take their final test in the same place.

The park with friends

The park is a great way to help your teen feel less cooped up inside and help them get a little Vitamin D while they’re studying. Feeling too cooped up can lead to distraction, anxiety, or greater stress. Instead, encourage them to take their flashcards and a few friends and have them quiz each other in a sunlit park.

The positive feelings associated with studying that particular subject could help them feel less stressed when it’s time to take the final exam.


Notice we didn’t say their bedroom. It’s likely that your teen could get more distracted in their own bedroom while trying to study, since that’s their domain. Or, if they share a room with siblings, there’s even more cause for constant interruption.

Instead, try having your teen study in a different bedroom in the house, like yours or an empty guest bedroom. They’ll be able to study at home, but in an environment that’s either neutral or unfamiliar which can help promote better focus for reading and studying.

You may not be able to take their tests for them, but you can help them find a comfortable, stress-free place to prepare.

Final exam time can be super stressful for teens (and parents) and it’s important to help them learn how to manage that stress and anxiety so they can perform to the best of their ability.

Use this list to help them find their favorite rotation of study spots to encourage them to ace their tests. Remind them that their focus and efforts will soon be rewarded – after all, summer break is right around the corner!

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