4 Tips for Creating a Happier Morning Routine for School

Going back to school after summer break isn’t just a grind for your tweens – it’s also a grind for you! Getting back into the routine of school, homework, sports, clubs, and waking up early can be challenging, even for the most well-behaved tween. It also doesn’t help that your tween may be experiencing the beginnings of hormones, puberty, and mood-swings. Oh the joy!

To help you get the school year started on the right foot for your family, here are four tips for creating an easier morning routine for school.

How to Create a Tween-Friendly Morning Routine for School

Gather and organize what they need the night before.

It’s usually a recipe for disaster if you and your tween are trying to slap together what they need for school early in the morning. There’s never as much time as you think there is, so a helpful tip for avoiding the morning rush is to encourage your tween to put everything they need in one location the night before.

If they are taking the bus, encourage them to put their backpack (with homework) and lunch by the front door where their shoes will be. If you’re taking them to school, have them place it by the door to the garage. Either way, a little organization the night before can help to smooth out a hectic morning.

Encourage them to get into bed earlier.

Getting enough sleep is key when it comes to having a calm, happy morning routine for school. Encourage your tween to shut down for the night around 9:00 PM or earlier. One way you can do this is by giving them a good book to read in bed.

Wake up with happy music.

Have your tween set their alarm to their favorite song or radio station. Starting their day with music they love is a great way to have a positive attitude (or as positive as it can get, anyway!)

Eat breakfast together.

All too often, families are so busy rushing out the door, they fail to greet each other in the morning, never mind eat a solid breakfast. Try to establish a healthy breakfast routine for you and your tweens in the morning. Not only do they need the nutrition before a long day of school, but it’s a great way to connect first thing in the day. 

Every household is different, but by establishing a solid morning routine for school, you’ll likely cut down on any early morning drama or scrambling.

Tweens might be growing up, but they still need some structure and organization to help them thrive. Use these four tips as a guideline for starting your own morning routine for school. Best of luck in the new semester!

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