The Perfect Book for Teens

The Sieger Chronicles

This is the story of a newly orphaned teenage boy, Ben True, and teenage girl, Abigail Call. Throughout their unique upbringing they find themselves having to ask the question of  “liberty or security?”. They will pursue this answer at the risk of everything they hold dear; including their own lives and the lives of those they love. Follow their journey in "The Sieger Chronicles" four-part series!

Traditions of Their Fathers | A FREE Sample

The perfect book for teens and adults alike! Purchase this must-read for yourself or as a gift for a family member or friend. A sample from Chapter 1:

“When we have given you answers to your hard questions, they have been lies. I am sorry for that. But it was to protect you. Ben, here is the truth. Your father is a wanted man. It’s a long story and he will have to decide what he will share. But the bottom line is that if certain people in the government knew where your dad was, they would take him away from us. And they would kill him.”

FREE Download: 8 Chapters of Book One

Did we get your attention? Download the first 8 Chapters of The Traditions of Their Fathers for FREE to discover why Ben's father is a wanted man...and what Ben must do now to help save the New States of America.